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  • Area:Beijing+Shanghai
  • Annual salary: Ten thousand RMB
  • Job nature: Full-time job
  • Date updated:2018-01-22
  • Your Email Address:hr@talentassociate.com
Job duties



0. Participate in cutting edge research in computer vision
0. Prototype solutions for tracking, detection and modeling
0. Apply machine learning to computer vision problems
0. Self-motivated and capable of independent work
0. Comfortable with open-ended problem solving

0. Keen to consider and suggest non-traditional approaches and willing to challenge the known with the unventured



Technical Qualifications
0. MS (or PhD) degree in Computer Science, Computer Vision, or Machine Learning, or BS degree plus proven experience designing and developing computer vision technology; 3yrs of industry AND/OR research experience in a relevant field will also be considered
0. Hands on experience in camera calibration, color/distortion correction, image enhancement, object detection, image segmentation and classification are required
0. Excellent skills developing in C/C++ / Java with significant experience working in a Linux/ARM environment
0. 2 years of hands-on experience with Artificial Intelligence frameworks including recent use of open industry frameworks such as Tensorflow and Caffe
0. Recent experience developing high performance software running on GPU, DSP or FPGA/ASIC based accelerators
0. Experience with OpenCV (or other rapid prototyping CV library) CUDA programming
0. Ability to operate effectively and autonomously, with minimal / high-level direction
0. Fluency (excellent skills) in C/C, java and python
1. High proficiency on Computer Vision, Image Processing, and/or Computer Graphics
2. High proficiency inn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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